Institute of Physical Energetics is a State Scientific Institute established in 1946, which carries out fundamental and biased research, contributes to the development, implementation and the objectives of the improvement of security of supply and sustainable energy.

The long-term vision of the Institute
is to develop and introduce innovative technologies and solutions in the energy sector of Latvia to ensure faster progress towards the sustainable energy supply system that promotes the country's low carbon development, welfare and national security.


  • achieve excellence in the Institute's research specialization areas,
  • further strengthen the competence and capacity of the Institute in an internationally competitive research area;
  • promote the technology and knowledge transfer in the economy;
  • provide high quality research services to all stakeholders of co-operation - national power supply system, industry (private sector), national and local authorities, higher education system;
  • effective management of the Institute, ensuring efficient use of all types of resources and knowledge transfer

Main research directions

  • Energy-environmental technological and economic research
  • Smart energy infrastructure research and development planning of smart grids
  • Research into rational and efficient use of energy resources
  • Research and development of advanced materials and technologies for energy sector

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