energy systemAES Energy Systems Inc. (Barbados). Our app, ‘Solar Seeker’ seeks to bridge the gap of knowledge between the homeowner, business owner and solar PV contractors by providing each PERSON with the data in a clear and concise manner, which allows them to make a decision. Through the Solar Seeker, customers will input information into a database; specifically, they, will input how much their general light bill is, as well as indicate roof type and size (estimate), direction and angle.

With this information, through an algorithm using tested and verified calculation metrics, a precise calculation and sizing of the type of renewable energy system required for the homeowner or business will be generated with a general costing.With this information in hand, the customer can allow his information to be shared by a selection of three contractors from the database of the listed energy contractors. These contractors will be screened and rated by previous users before being allowed to enter the platform. With their information in hand, the contractors can make a suitable quote to the homeowner, making the process of renewable energy much less a mystery, reducing risk for the customer and providing ease of doing business for the contractor.

‘Solar Seeker’ will also aid in the development and creation of micro-grids. With the ability to estimate the amount of energy generated from a PV system, the app will give the opportunity for developers to see micro-grids as a solution and feasible alternative to powering industries, communities and commercial spaces.

Our aim is to bridge the knowledge gap and decrease the fears of investing in Renewable Energy.



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