ineskInstitute for Systems and Computer Engineering, Research and Development of Brazil (INESC P&D Brasil) is a nongovernmental Institution of Science and Technology (IST) with a legal figure based on the Brazilian Innovation Law, established as a private nonprofit association that has the objective of coordinating a network of cooperation in research, development and technology transfer in Brazil, the INESC Brazil Network. Currently, INESC Brazil Network has a team of associate researchers that consists of 30 doctors from different areas of knowledge, all with experience in international research projects. The research areas of INESC P&D Brasil are: Energy and Production, Robotics and Sensors, Computing and Communications, and Environment and Health. The INESC P&D Brasil brand infront of his network is characterized by its involvement in multidisciplinary projects. Currently, INESC P&D Brasil has partners in Chile, China, Portugal, Finland, England, Netherlands, India, Argentina, Ghana, São Tomé and Principe, Green Cape and Mozambique.



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