Institute of Physical Energetics (IPE) - project coordinator. Since 1946, IPE has been the leading institution in Latvia in the field of energy research. Its main activities cover a wide scope of energy research issues, such as the modelling and analysis of the energy environment interactions, the energy environmental policy studies, the pricing and tariff policy in the energy sector, the energy efficiency improvement and energy conservation programmes, as well as the integration of the technologies directed towards the rational use of energy to ensure sustainable development of the Baltic and Latvian energy sector. IPE is involved in broad national and international cooperation. IPE have participated in many national and international projects, including FP5, FP6 and FP7, IEE, Interreg, HORIZON 2020, EC JRC, IAEA, COST, Twinning, SmartGrids ERANet, FENCO ERANet, Latvia–Belarus bilateral agreement programme, Climate Change Funding Programme, European Social Fund, European Regional Development Fund, State Research Programme, Latvian Council of Science funded projects etc.

The project will be implemented by the IPE Smart Grid Research Centre with a focus on technology transfer, education and technological solution adaptation in a real power system. Member of European Energy Research Alliance Joint Programme on Smart Grids since 2011. Its research activity includes analysis and modelling of the impact of technological development and innovation on the energy system and its dynamic. Considerable experience in the field of energy planning methods, models and tools for complex energy system simulation and analysis, including electricity market behavior. IPE is a partner of the DER Smart Grid Research Infrastructure: http://www.derlab.net/.



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