Research into rational and efficient use of energy resources

Research is focused on innovative technologies and ways to use energy resources efficiently, including renewable energy sources, and develops and improves energy efficiency techniques and technologies considering their development prospective and sustainability. The Institute’s continuously developed Renewable energy technology research park is widely used in the conducting of the research.

Research areas

  • In-depth research into energy resources and especially RES, energy saving, energy efficiency as well as bio-economy. Research on the use of RES is being carried out, recommendations for their use have been developed (biomass, biogas, wind, sun, etc.).
  • Energy performance of buildings by using energy consumption management systems for public and residential buildings
  • Exploration, analysis and development of solar energy application using solar collectors, solar cells (PV), double-sided photovoltaic modules and solar tracking devices, as well as combinations of these technologies using mathematical simulation models. Development, testing and analysis of innovative technologies in the field of solar energy, as well as research on their impact on existing infrastructure on energy system infrastructure and particularly power system developments.
  • Analysis of wind energy utilization possibilities based on wind energy efficiency assessment for different altitude levels in the territory of Latvia, wind map updating using mathematical data programme. Wind power technology solutions: synchronous generator with permanent magnets; switching relay machines; magnetic clutches; permanent magnets (in electrical machines, magnetic clutches, etc.).

Department infrastructure



Software for renewable power system simulation, which enables efficient solar-thermal, photovoltaic and geothermal system modeling.

More detailed description is summarized in the equipment list here!




Software for renewable energy system simulation, widely used for renewable energy engineers and building modeling.

More detailed description is summarized in the equipment list here!


Department is equipped with several solar measurement tools, listed here!


Head of department

Academician, Professor,
Dr. habil. Pēteris Šipkovs

         E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Head of department

  • Akadēmiķis, Profesors, Pēteris Šipkovs

Leading researchers

  • Gaļina Kaškarova
  • Kristina Ļebedeva


  • Andrejs Snegirjovs
  • Mārtiņš Vanags

Research assistant

  • Jānis Šipkovs


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