de atacamaUniversity of Atacama (UDA) is an Institution of Higher Education State of northern Chile that teaches undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate disciplines in all areas of knowledge, training professionals, technicians and sciencebased graduate, highly competent and socially responsible. UDA is undergoing a continuous process of investment in infrastructure and recruitment of researchers in all areas. In recent years, UDA has grown on execution of research projects in areas of ICT, metallurgy, technology, energy, aquaculture, among others. UDA has development ICT research in pattern recognition, software engineering, ICT management and data engineering. This university has agreement with institutions from Colombia, Brazil, Portugal, Spain, and several centers of the country. Projects: Tecnologías para la replicación y síntesis de experimentos en IS. Código: (20082011) ; Generación de Evidencias mediante Combinación de Resultados Experimentales. (20092011).



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