"Shadow Day" at IPE

Institute of Physical Energetics in cooperation with "Junior Achievment Latvia" on 14th of February gave the opportunity to experience the role of a researcher for six Latvian pupils, with the aim to facilitate the pupils educational content with real life, helping students to plan their carreers purposefully and make choises about their future profession in energy.

IMG 20180214 WA0007

Students got to look at Renewable Energy Technology Research area, escorted by Andrejs Sņegirjovs.


20180214 111109

Escorted by Dace Āriņa, students explored Rational and Efficient Use of Energy Resources laboratory.

During "Shadow Day" at FEI researcher D.Āriņa introduced students with ongoing research work of the European Regional Development Fund co-financed research project "Research of optical and energetic properties of mixed municipal solid waste material for its preparation for a recovery" No. (project agreement No. at Advanced Material and Technology laboratory.

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